valplast group partials splints and unilaterials
valplast lower unilaterial
valplast partial lower
valplast lower unilaterial
valplast upper soft splint

The Aesthetic Flexible Partial
Patients love the aesthetic excellence of Valplast every time they look in the mirror. The natural tissue blend effect, with a translucency exclusive to Valplast picks up on the patient’s natural tissue tone and there are no metal clasps showing where the partial begins. This gives your patient the confidence they need to face the world; it’s a confidence they wouldn’t expect from a removable partial.

The Functional Flexible Partial
Formulated to provide strength without bulkiness. Patients can confidently resume normal and comfortable mastication soon after the insertion of the prosthesis. The strength of the material and resistance to chemical breakdown provides a long-lasting, unbreakable partial. The inherent flexibility and lack of complicated attachments distributes the stress more naturally in the mouth. The remaining teeth and gum therefore stay healthier longer than with a conventional partial.

The Quality Flexible Partial
You can have the confidence of knowing that the Valplast International Corporation has decades of research and an ongoing commitment to continuously improving quality. They are also continuously expanding their technical support network to keep processing laboratories up to date on Valplast techniques.
This all means total confidence for your patient. All our work goes into your patient’s satisfaction with their Valplast restoration.

Valplast means value, You get quality, aesthetic restorations at an affordable price. Patients prefer Valplast over conventional partials. By offering Valplast you can add value to your practice.
Valplast is THE flexible partial for value in every case.

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