About Aesthetic Prosthetics Newcastle

Quality is the key word and as we have practiced continually since 1987, in our
name ,we feel safe in the knowledge that this is why we are successful in our dealings with the dental professional.

No charge remakes policy. A remake costs us money and also costs our clients as well so that is how we can say our business helps your business. If there is no remake then we are both more profitable.

Our delivery policy is simple, we deliver on time.

The benefits of using world renowned and certified materials are always recognized ,and we do. To enhance this we also undertake to test these materials as well. We have all fallen for the so-called standard for some suppliers and we intend not to pass those materials that fail to meet our standards on to our clients.

As well as being qualified our staff continually undertake a in house training program which includes Implant, Cosmetic Restorations, Crown and Bridge , Dentures and Partials. We have specialized and up to date video training in key areas. This helps in quality due to an understanding of the result that becomes a standard that our clients understand as the benchmark.

The question of price comes to the front and we know you will smile at this. Our prices are controlled by our costs and that’s how a business should operate so with that in mind all we can say is, we aim to keep our clients and help us and them survive in an ever-changing market place. Yes the prices are better than some but so is our service and quality.

All work is tracked through the laboratory and when sent, invoiced onto the computer. This allows us to tell you what stage your work is up to and there is no false billing. For those clients that send their cheque early receive an early payment reward. The discount is your personal bonus

Free delivery service applies to all postage work and where possible it is sent overnight.

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